Modelling the mammalian cell cycle and cell cycle checkpoints, signal transduction and apoptosis.

Drugs that act at specific points in the cell cycle show complex pharmacodynamics.  An early model of the cell cycle described the effects of cytotoxic drugs on the cell cycle (RC Jackson, Theoretical Foundations of Cancer Chemotherapy, Academic Press 1992).  CYCLO4 is an extension of this model to modern targeted anticancer agents.  It can be used to predict effects of drugs on tumours with different cytokinetic properties.

Other programs in the cell cycle modelling package describe aspects of signal transduction and apoptosis.  They can be used to predict drug interactions, and the effects of various mutations on sensitivity to drugs.  Modelling of this kind is increasingly used to predict ways of maximizing drug efficacy and selectivity.

Other programs in this package include an enhanced version of the US National Cancer Institute’s COMPARE algorithm, which examines sensitivity of different types of tumour to a new drug, and uses pattern-recognition technology to search for mechanistic relationships with existing agents.

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